Top 6 Best YFZ 450 Exhaust Reviews In 2022

If you’re a starter and looking for the best YFZ 450 exhaust, then welcome to this article. Because today here, I am going to introduce you to a few of the best exhaust. Keep studying; you want to recognize. Anyway, engine builder exhausts, Dasa, and Sparks will make your sufficient strength and be “the great exhaust” for most riders. But they may be loud, so they do not work for all of us, specifically in case you experience in sound control.

Sure, you could upload quiet cores to some of those, but they hurt HP numbers, so if you more often than not journey in sound-managed areas in which you want the QC, then possibly not your best choice. In this situation, you’d likely want a quieter device, like a Yosh, even though it may be hard to name it “the nice” while it makes a great deal less HP than the engine builder type exhausts.

What is the Best YFZ 450 Exhaust?

Here is the list of some best YFZ 450 exhausts. Read attentively and you can find out about them very easily.

Best for Gaining Maximum Horsepower: Big Gun Titanium Exhaust 09-24602 Series

“Lightweight, perfect sounding, highly recommended by the manufacturer”

Best for Working Perfectly: Big Gun Exhaust for Yamaha

“Made for popular bike model, works perfectly, smoother ride”

Best for High Performance: Sparks Racing Big Core Full Exhaust

“Its exterior finishes with metal, ideal for any application”

Best Exhaust System for All Applications: Sparks Racing X-6 Stainless Full Exhaust Yamaha

“Durable, easy installation, does not slip on”

Best for sport ATV and dirt bikes: HMF Competition 6061

“Designed to protect sport ATVs, sounds can control, easy to install”

Best for Easy Installation: HMF Engineering141403606186 Competition Exhaust

“Energy can control, can control the extraction puls, affects the forces in different ways”

Reviews of YFZ 450 Exhaust

Big Gun Exhaust 09-24602 Series Titanium – Fits Yamaha YFZ 450

Yamaha YFZ 450 Big Gun Exhaust Titanium

This series is designed to gain maximum horsepower and torque across the RPM range. Stainless steel pipe made from this. The aluminum muffler canister is much lighter than the EVO exhaust system stock unit. Its design allows maximum clearance to prevent your exhaust from hitting the rear brake caliper. These are for use only in closed courses and not for use on the road.

The Carb Tune at Yfz of Quality Exist is a perfect sounding exhaust. Yfz 450 Great exhaust Great sound. There has been a considerable gain in electricity in Carb Tune. The company says what jets to fly and no problem is highly recommended.


  • It is a Yamaha TIG welded reinforced muffler bracket. 
  • It has 304 stainless steel mid pipe/head pipe. 
  • It also has a red powder-coated stainless steel end tip. 
  • It is lighter than stock extraction. 
  • Both manufacturer and brand are extensive gun extraction. 
  • Its item weight is 7.5 pounds. 
  • And its product size is 45 x 7.5 x 6.5 inches.


  • It is excellent in many race seasons.
  • It makes the setup even better.
  • The exhaust system gains the energy produced.
  • It sounds good and rises to the wheel from a jumble of third gear.
  • It fits and sounds good. And the gasket can take out without damaging it.


  • This product does not come with header pipes

Why choose it:

It is a great pipe. It’s just that it fits easily into the title pipe. It doesn’t come with a new wire garnet. I think the product is excellent.

Big Gun Exhaust for Yamaha

Big Gun Exhaust ECO ATV Silver Slip On Exhaust for Yamaha

The Big Gun Exhaust series is designing with a few things in mind. Such as performance, energy, sound, and craftsmanship. It is made for the most popular bike models. The Eco series is made from stainless steel pipe and a 6061 brushed aluminum muffler canister. You should choose it because this exhaust works perfectly, gives more energy, and gives you a faster and smoother ride, which is very strong and vigorous. Its power and torque are especially noticeable at the upper end.


  • It is lightweight.
  • It’s easy to set up; Using a stock head pipe.
  • It is designed to provide maximum power.
  • Both its manufacturer and brand are big gun extractors.
  • Its item weight is 7 pounds.
  • Its product dimensions – 36 x 8 x 8 inches.


  • There is an excellent mid-pipe.
  • It has good performance and is easy to install.
  • Adequate to get good pipes at a fair price.
  • It gives you a fast and smooth ride. Also which is very strong and vigorous.
  • This extraction works perfectly and gives more energy.


  • It is not the right size for 05.

Why choose it:

It is easy to install with improvements and runs excellently. Unfortunately, all Eco Series Exhausts are slip-on systems only. Fit the Yamaha YFZ 450.

Sparks Racing Big Core Full Exhaust

Sparks Racing Stage 1 Power Kit Ss Big Core Exhaust Yamaha Yfz450

This exhaust system is the ideal exhaust system for any application. In addition, much more performance is possible with designing an entire system instead of working with stock head pipe limitations.

Exhaust systems in later markets can use as complete systems. But the problem is still limited to stock diameters. The head pipe and the rear come together. Dynos spend countless hours on the track and drag races with pro-level riders to ensure the highest possible performance from our exhaust systems. This exhaust system is offering in both Exhaust Race Core and X6 Big Core systems.

The race core system uses the guide at about 102db. The Big Core exhaust system has 2.25. Outlet diameter, which provides more top-end performance inbuilt engines. About 110 dB using the Big Core Guide. Big Core cannot be configured with no silent insertion. However, the Big Core never intended to use a spark arrester. The in-house drainage production facility is 100% in the United States.


  • X-6 Stainless Steel Exhaust System. Which is a Yamaha YFZ 450 2004+ dirt bike.
  • A 2.25 featured outlet diameter. It is 100% made in the United States.
  • It constructs high-grade 304 stainless tubes for exceptional appearance, durability, and performance.
  • Both its manufacturers and brands spark racing.
  • Its item weight is 20 pounds.


  • It is the ideal exhaust system for any application.
  • It generates its full power through the curve.
  • It has many more functions with a complete system design.
  • This exhaust system is offered in both Exhaust Race Core and X6 Big Core.
  • It has drainage manufacturing facilities and high-grade 304 stainless pipe construction.


  • It is still limited in stock diameter.

Why choose it:

The X6 race core has a feature. Outlet diameter gives the best all-around performance. A spark arrestor and quiet insert can configure it. Muffler material that maintains low weight while maintaining durability. Brings any hardware required for detailed installation, jetting, and exhaust system care instructions.

Sparks Racing X-6 Stainless Full Exhaust Yamaha

exhaust for yfz 450

The Sparks Racing X-6 Stainless Full Exhaust Yamaha is one of the perfect exhaust systems for all applications due to the power level produced by the power curve. It is a complete exhaust system that does not slip on. Because its performance to design a complete system is more effective than the work of stock head pipe’s limitation.

Some other exhaust systems are also suitable for complete system designing. But they have limitations. Because their diameter is not stocked if the rear section and head pipe come together. Its test on the dyno and track is done repeatedly via drag races and pro-level riders to ensure the best performance.

It offers not only X6 Race Core but also the X6 Big Core systems. In the case of the X6 Race Core system, the outlet diameter is 2 and has SAE testing guidelines with the use of 102db. The outlet offers all-around performance and it is designed with quiet inserts as well as a spark arrestor.

In the case of the X6 Big Core system, the outlet diameter is 2.25 that has SAE testing guidelines with the use of 110db. Here the outlet is not designed with a quiet insert and has not planned the use of a spark arrestor. Because it may destroy the durability of the arrestor. 


  • Made with stainless steel 
  • The outlet of X6 Race Core is 2 where it is 2.25 in the case of X6 Big Core systems. 
  • The outlet of X6 Race Core designs with a quiet insert and spark arrestor. 
  • The outlet of X6 Big Core systems has no quiet insert and has not planned to use a spark arrestor. 
  • Item Weight is 20 pounds 
  • The Product Dimension is 27 × 7× 7 inches.


  • It is 100 % made in the USA
  • High grade 304 stainless steel construction is used to make its design unique
  • Perfect exhaust for complete system
  • Have an exceptional fit and finish
  • The installation process is easy and has installation guidelines
  • The overall guidelines and instructions are given with the exhaustion
  • The installation, durability are exceptional.


  • Has limitation in working of the stock head pipe

Why choose it:

If you are looking for a complete system exhaust that has an exceptional design with better performance, then it is the best choice for you. The installation, maintenance, everything is simple and easy and the overall guidance is provided with the product. So it is preferable to the users a lot.

HMF Competition 6061 – HMF exhaust yfz 450

hmf exhaust yfz 450

Are you a motorcycle user? Do you want an Exhaust slip? Well, The HMF Competition Exhaust slip 6061 is best for you. Usually, it is made of aluminum. This triangle design is beautiful, and it can provide high-quality riding. When you set up the exhaust, it is high energy for your bike. Also, it can change sound and energy quickly. This Exhaust sheet has superior technology and 3 level power that can clean the engine and give you extra comfort.

It is primarily designed for sport ATV and dirt bikes and is an important series. This series is designing to protect dirt bikes. Usually, exhausts are popular in the market. This series is an all-over performance real mixer, and it helps dirt bikes. The exhausts are easy to install on your bike. It can generate power from the unique Trimax core and even use the mechanical core to determine the power level.


  • It is only a 1.6 ounces weight limit product
  • The products Brand ‎name is  HMF Engineering
  • It just Item Weight ‎is  16.69 pounds
  • The Product Dimensions has ‎ 12 x 8 x 32 inches.
  • This product is black.
  • It has 450stainless steel slip pipe/head pipe.
  • It is a Yamaha 450welded reinforced muffler bracket. 


  • The Exhausts are easy to install on your bike without the extra noise.
  • Its power range is increasing in mid. However,  it has a 3 level power range. 
  • The exhaust shell is made of aluminum, which is comparatively less in weight than the stock, producing extra power. 
  • Its systems depend on the model chosen as the slip-on system.


  • Sometimes it seems difficult to install.

Why choose it:

The HMF competition series is designed to protect sport ATVs and dirtbikes.  Make it an experimental design.  It has three inserts that help to distinguish the sound and power of the series.  Another reason to like it is that the sound and strength can control as needed. Also, the HMF competition is easy to install. It is packed with high-performance glass packing to use safely for a long time even though it affects the energy in different ways, engineering.

HMF Engineering 141403606186 Competition Exhaust

The new HMF engineering141403606186, a perfect competition series, is designed for motorbikes and ATVs. It is around the slip competition series. Two inserts are adding to distinguish the sound and power of the bike.  Stainless steel and sharp appearance have high performance.

HMF engineering competition series is made of aluminum, which is arguably the best product on the market. It can be extracted after a maximum performance. In addition, it can control the extraction puls. As a result, the HMF engineering competition series has exceptional performance. The HMF engineering competition series is designing to protect the dirt from sports ATVs and hand bikes. It is a tested product. It has two inserts that help to differentiate the sound and power of the series.

Features :

  • The products Manufacturer ‎by  HMF ENGINEERING
  • It Brand Name is ‎ HMF Engineering
  • It Item Weight ‎has about 16.69 pounds
  • Product Dimensions ‎is  12 x 8 x 32 inches
  • Important Manufacturer Part Number Is ‎ 1.41404E+11

pros :

  • These products allow for faster access to the input insert and more instantaneous riding power.
  • This series can distribute power and change evenly across the entire RPM range.
  • It is comparatively less than the weight of the stock, so it makes it usable by producing less noise.
  • This series can generate power from the unique Trimax core. Even using mechanical substances enhances performance.


  • The product’s warranty period is low.

Why choose it?

Its sound and energy can be controlled, so it is also easy to install HMF competitions.  It is packed with high-performance glass packing so that it can be used safely for a long time.  It even affects the forces in different ways.

YFZ 450 Exhaust Buyer’s Guide


I suggest that you opt for a high-end exhaust machine handiest if you realize for sure that you’re going to be sticking through this vehicle for greater than five years on the minimum. A desirable first-class exhaust system, especially like those we’ve covered on this list, will last you a very long time. That’s why it doesn’t make sense to put in a premium exhaust gadget if you have your eyes set on your next pickup truck.

You can deploy a financed exhaust machine to get higher performance out of your car inside the quick run. However, it will nonetheless be a development from the stock OEM exhaust device so that you will, in reality, revel in an upgraded enjoy.


You have to not examine installation without a doubt of effort and time, like cash. Not installing an exhaust manifold by yourself means that you may need to get a neighborhood professional to come home; otherwise, you’ll drive to the storage to get it finished; after that, you pay for the service time. It is an extra fee which you’ll have to upload to the value of the exhaust gadget itself. 

That’s why I have given loads of desire to exhaust systems that have smooth DIY setup techniques on our list. We want you to view without difficulty ordering an exhaust device, after which installation is complete to your own inside one hour. That’s how immediate the technique should be so that you can experience a clog-loose automobile as soon as viable. 

Material Used

You’ll observe that we’ve protected information on which fabric turned into used while the exhaust device changed into created. This is because the exhaust gadget’s material is a product that plays a significant position in its performance and durability. In truth, it’s additionally one of the most critical determinants of the charge factor for the exhaust machine. You’ll find that the better materials are both constructed from chrome steel or are an alloy.

The higher-stop exhaust systems will almost usually have a corrosion-resistant finish. Corrosion-resistant finishes are generally chromium or rhodium, and this will ensure that you never run into any rust or erosion along with your car. If you can manage to pay for it, we’d undoubtedly advocate that you opt for corrosion-resistant materials for obvious motives — it’s going to last you a whole lot longer and save you cash in the end.

Bottom line

An exhaust is designed to blow any carbon monoxide your bike creates far away from you or your passenger. It’s pretty simple. Hot air blows out behind the motorcycle so that you’re now not inhaling any toxic gases. And full exhausts also help to transform that carbon monoxide into carbon dioxide. This method is better for the surroundings. Exhausts can also eliminate a number of the noise of the engine. Without a muffler, your engine can be terrifyingly or thrillingly loud. Try it out in case you need it via eliminating your muffler or take our phrase for it. So it is essential to buy the best YFZ450 exhaust for your bike.

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