Top 10 Best Windshield For Polaris Ranger Reviews 2022

Windshields by a long shot are perhaps the most well-known extras for the Polaris Ranger. This usually is one of the principal adornments introduced by our clients. A pleasant Windshield can genuinely change your Polaris Ranger’s appearance, and Windshields offer added insurance from the components. 

If you are looking for the best polaris ranger windshield, then this guide is for you.  

Most new Polaris Ranger proprietors believe that it is tough to introduce a Windshield when truth be told. Most Windshields are amazingly simple to teach and don’t need any penetrating to finish the establishment. Most Windshields are dead bolt-on.

What sort of Polaris Ranger Windshield is ideal for you? That can be somewhat precarious, yet we have an overall blueprint of the benefits of various kinds of Windshields.

Here are the top 10 best windshield polaris ranger reviews you should know about them.

What is the Best Polaris Ranger Windshield?

We convey a few styles and brands of Polaris Ranger Windshields for you to browse. 

Here are the top 10 best polaris ranger windshield lists.

Best for Polaris Ranger 1000/1000 Crew: Super ATV Polaris Ranger Full Size Windshield

“Hard-covered on the two sides for outrageous sturdiness, Elastic seal around whole windshield for a cozy fit “2017+ Polaris Ranger XP 1000 / XP 1000 Crew & 2020+ Polaris Ranger 1000 / 1000 Crew”

Best for Having Three Windshields in One: Kolpin UTV Full Tilting Windshield

“This windshield fits the following models, It is trailer able only in closed position”

Best for Polaris Ranger 570 Midsize Windshield: HJSIUTV Front Full Windshield

“It can protect from sticks and other flying debris while riding,  Can be utilized with a hardtop or soft top”

Best for Easy to Install: A&S Polaris Ranger Polycarbonate Fold Down Windshield

“Fits on the advertised models only, Completely assembled with heavy-duty metal hinges”

Best for Fits 2019 Ranger 570 Full Sizes: Kemimoto Front Full UTV Windshield

“Super hard housing prevents damage, Environmental-friendly PC construction”

Best for Ranger XP 1000, Full-Size Rear Window: SAUTVS Lightly Full-Size Rear Panel

“Comfortably drive in any season, Polycarbonate is stronger than glass”

Best Polaris Ranger Windshield: Super ATV Polaris General Rear Windshield

“Protect from flying mud and debris, It’s come with all hardware and instructions”

Best Polaris Ranger 900xp Windshield: Kemimoto Dark Tint Ranger Rear Windshield

“Compatible with a wide range of polar ranger windshields, It is more strong than Glass, Shock resistance, shatter resistance”

Best for Polaris Ranger 1000 Windshield: A&S Heavy-Duty Windshield

“Prepared with polycarbonate, It’s heavy and suits various types of vehicles”

Best for Stronger Than Glass: SuperATV Rear Windshield

“Prevents dust from being sucked into the cab caused by front windshields,  25 times stronger than acrylic”

Top 10 Best Polaris Ranger Windshield – In 2022

Best for Polaris Ranger XP 1000/1000 Crew: Super ATV Polaris Ranger Full Size Windshield

SuperATV Full Windshield for Polaris Ranger XP 1000 XP 1000 Crew fits 2017

As a pioneer in UTV items, SuperATV is known for assembling probably the best items in the business and their Heavy Duty Scratch Resistant Full Windshield is a staff most loved Polaris Ranger windshield.

This Polaris windshield is ensured to fit, coordinating with each shape of the taxi, and mounting is so natural, SuperATV claims it very well may be done shortly or less.

Produced using hard-covered, scratch-safe polycarbonate, this Polaris windshield is incredibly tough and impervious to scratches and effects.

Key Features:

  • One-piece plan with three flip settings
  • 1/4″ hard-covered rough safe material
  • Secures against compound and UV assault
  • Simple to introduce – accompanies all essential equipment and directions
  • Can be utilized with delicate or hard tops
  • This windshield doesn’t come pre-amassed


  • Year-Round Versatility.
  • The Perfect Ingredients.
  • Polycarbonate Does It Best.
  • Superior scratch resistance.


  • Not compatible with the formed Pro-fit cage.

Why choose it?

If you need a windshield for your Ranger and need to set aside some cash over the glass, this is an incredible alternative.

Best for Having Three Windshields in One: Kolpin UTV Full Tilting Windshield

Kolpin UTV Windshield Polaris Ranger 570 - 800

Having a Polaris Ranger windshield introduced can be truly useful at obstructing the breeze from smacking you in the face, however, imagine a scenario where you’d prefer to get somewhat more air coming in on a hot day.

The versatile of this has a three-position tilt mechanism which permits airflow into the driver compartment if desired opens 3″ or 5-1/2″.

For select Ranger models, Kolpin makes it extraordinary compared to other Ranger windshields available. It resembles having three windshields in one. Essentially, it is a half windshield, with an upper part that slants outward. This gives you the alternative of having it open to permit air into the taxi, or ride with it shut to keep air and residue out. 

Key Features:

  • Flexible three-position slant component licenses wind stream. 
  • Simple to introduce and no boring required; Removable without apparatuses 
  • Incredibly tough – infusion shaped c-braces 
  • Hard Coated


  • Rustproof, black-coated-finish hardware reliable.
  • 3-position adjustability.
  • Durable, injection-molded clamps.
  • Easily opens to 3″ or 5-1/2″.
  • Trailerable in closed position.
  • Easy installation.


  • No disadvantage.

Why choose it?

It is made of solid, scratch-safe Lexan polycarbonate and accompanies strong, treated steel mounting equipment making it a very adaptable Polaris UTV windshield.

Best for Polaris Ranger 570 Midsize Windshield: HJSIUTV Front Full Windshield

Windshield for Polaris Ranger Midsize 570 - 570 Crew - EV 2015-2020 Polaris Ranger Midsize 500 - ETX 2017-2020

It is well known for its easy installation process. The product is adjustable to both hard and soft tops. PAMMA makes it stronger compared to glass and resistant to shock, corrosion, and stretch. This also protects it from Ultraviolet and chemicals.

The rubber clamps and rubber pads tightly attach it with the roll case. It is very reliable to use and ensures the safety of both riders and passengers especially to ride in the mountains.

Dust, wind, rain, etc can’t enter inside the car. In case of UV rays and highlights, it is safe to use. On the bottom side, it contains a rubber strip which helps its strong attachment with the frame and windshield.

Four clamps fixed it in the proper position and prevented its shaking or movement. The design of clamps makes the installation process easier and simple.

Key Features 

  • Manufactured by kislery.
  • Manufacturer Part No – UTV-WD15-570
  • Dimension is 47×33.3×2.3 inches
  • Weight is 17.81 pounds.
  • Material is ¼ inch PAMMA.


  • Easier Install process
  • Safe and reliable to use
  • Protect from debris, stick, wind, and rain
  • Multiple fitness options


  1. Not resistant to scratch 
  2. It has to be drilled and fitted.

Why Choose it? 

It is well-known for its Polaris ranger 570 midsize windshield. The wide range of fitness and easy installation process makes it preferable to users. For visiting mountains, it is more reliable and safe for you.

Best for Easy to Install: A&S Polaris Ranger Polycarbonate Fold Down Windshield

Polaris Ranger Polycarbonate Fold Down Windshield

Polycarbonate folding down windshield fully deposited heavy-duty metal hinges. These windshields come with (4) 1 3/4 metal/rubber clamps for easy installation. And just as tough! Stainless Steel Bolt 3/16 ” Polybrate Material UV Stable Extruded Strong Easy to install. Buy Please note.

That only fits this into ad models. This model is the windshield new full-size crew EFI version. The Ranger 570XP full-size model does not fit UTV.

The buyer must be monitored. And should definitely fit. Cannot be returned even after the removal of the S field. Designed and manufactured by A&S Audio and Shield Design.

Key Features:

  • Front placement on vehicle
  • United states country/ Region of manufacture
  • To determine the right size tire for a vehicle.


  • Looks great and we can remove it easily in the summer.
  • Easy to install
  • Must nicer than the expensive ones


  •  It would find compatible doors

Why choose it?

This product is easy to install. I didn’t think it fit had to go back a couple of times and look at the picture. It fits on the outside, not in the tract. It’s great and fantastic, we had it installed within minutes, fits great.

Best UTV Windshield: Kemimoto Front Full UTV Windshield Fits 2019 Ranger 570

Ranger Windshield, kemimoto Hard Coated PC Full UTV Windshield Compatible with Polaris Ranger 570 XP 9001000 Crew XP 1000 Diesel 2014-2022

Kemimoto 1/4 “thick PC, much stronger than the average UTV windshield. PC windshields are hard coated on both sides for extreme durability. Protects from chemical and UV attacks. It is a strong and durable steel clamp with Extreme durability. This is the full front windshield quantity.

We do not claim ownership and have no affiliation with Polaris. Any Polaris copyrights and trademarks belong to the respective owners. It does not imply any relationship, sponsorship, or support between us unless specified as such. The use of our third-party trademarks, such as Polaris.

Any reference to us in third-party trademarks is to identify the relevant third-party products. And it will be treated as a nominal fair use in trademark law.

Key Features:

  • Much more powerful than the average UTV windshield 1/4 “thick PC.
  • PC windshields are hard coated for durability.
  • It does not require a hole drill during installation.
  • Strong and durable steel which has extreme durability
  • Size fit properly and will not scratch the engine hood.
  • With the help of “clamps,” you can easily remove the windshield without any tools.


  • 1. I will take out the post-bar thinking that it is clear that I am constantly stuck in it
  • 2. It fits perfectly and it is very easy to hold.
  • 3. The fixed price is worth the cost.


  • 1. It requires some kind of medium support or thick plastic.

Why choose it?

The product fits the Ranger 900XP full size without any problems. It is a great product that doesn’t flex when transported on a trailer. This is excellent quality for the price. You can choose the great windshield for Installed easily and seems well built.

Best for Ranger XP 1000: SAUTVS Lightly Full-Size Rear Panel

SAUTVS Rear Windshield for Ranger XP 1000, Lightly Fullsize Hard Rear Window for Polaris Ranger XP 1000 Crew XP 1000 DieselXP 900 2017-2022 Accessories

The SAUTVS Lightly full-size rear panel plays a critical role in protecting against cyclones, rain, and snow. Its components do not seal too much, so noise is low. This product is built with powerful hardware.  Its gas coat factory is 300 degrees, so it is well set.

Made with polycarbonate panels, so you can enjoy the ride.

When you install the windshield in your vehicle, the Ranger will look high-powered and great. It protects the carrying passengers from rain or dust storms. It is a high-quality windshield that can be easily installed. You can use it any season because the windshield is suitable all time.

Key Features

  • It is by Manufacturer SAUTVS.
  • Its Product Dimensions 55.12 x 20.47 x 3.54 inches
  • The Manufacturer Part Number is ZP-YJ-030503-009.
  • Item Weight has 13.77 pounds.
  • High power-hardware.


  • Protection cyclone, rain, snow its passengers and driver.
  • Its low noise
  • It has a full-size rear window with a panel.
  • The windshield is compatible with the Roof.
  • Easy install


  • The products cost too high.

Why choose it?

The SAUTVS Lightly full-size rear is a very comfortable windshield. It has low noise. It mainly uses mount areas. The windshield is suitable for any season. Powerful hardware is added and easy to install, which you can choose.

Best Polaris Ranger Windshield: Super ATV Polaris General Rear Windshield

Non-Scratch Resistant Clear Rear Windshield for 2016+ Polaris General 1000 General 4 1000 and 2020+ General XP 1000 General XP 4 1000

The Super ATV Polaris General Rear Windshield is the best Polaris ranger windshield. It’s simple to install and comes from a well-known maker. It’s the ideal addition for the Polaris ranger rear windshield. The windshield gives a regular non-hard-coated polycarbonate.

The 1/4″ polycarbonate is non-breakable and stops anything from reaching the cab. It comes with all the necessary hardware. As well as easy-to-follow guides to make setup a breeze. It’s meant to fit the contours of the machine’s enclosure. The SuperATV offers ground debris protection to drivers and travelers.

Each rear windshield is made of super-tough polycarbonate. It’s valuable both with and without tint. And is ideal for keeping the elements out for a novice rider. It is built by Madison, Indiana in the United States.

Key Features:

  • The item weighs 23.9 pounds.
  • Manufactured by SuperATV
  • The material is made with ¼’ clear polycarbonate.
  • It helps to protect from UV and chemical attacks.
  • It works on both soft and hardtops.
  • The Installation process is easy.
  • Both hardware and manuals are included.


  • It is specially designed for wars.
  • It is made with a unique design. 
  • The windshield protects passenger life.
  • It has 4 Audio Systems.
  • Its components are adjustable for the rider.


  • Many times it becomes difficult to fit.

Why choose it?

The Polaris General Rear Windshield is excellent. It protects the lives of you and your passengers. You have constructed with the polycarbonate made powerfully. You must keep it in your collection to protect your passengers from any destruction. So you must choose it for you and your passengers.

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Best Polaris Ranger 900XP Windshield: Kemimoto Dark Tint Ranger Rear Windshield

kemimoto Dark Tint Ranger Rear Windshield Compatible with 2017-2021 Polaris Ranger XP 1000 Crew 2013-2019 Polaris Ranger XP 900 Crew Compatible with Roof

The riders will appreciate the Kemimoto Dark Tint Ranger Rear Windshield. Glass is 250 times stronger than PC material. This windshield protects both the cars and the occupants from rain and debris.

The installation process is very easy and requires very little time. The riders are able to travel smoothly due to their good vision. It’s a kemimoto certified brand that weighs 16.52 pounds.

The UTV windshield is 1/4 inches thick and made of PC. It aids in the softening of radiation, allowing for effective light transmission.

Key Features:

  • The PC content is strong and long-lasting.
  • It provides a clear vision.
  • It’s effortless to set up.
  • It weighs 16.52 pounds.
  • Polaris has granted it a license.
  • It’s well-made and suits perfectly.


  • Light is correctly conveyed thanks to the PC build.
  • Assists in the softening of radiation.
  • The construction procedure is robust and stable.
  • It is quicker to set up.


  • A gap appears in the plastic bolt.

Why choose it?

The best polaris ranger 900xp windshield is the Kamimoto Dark Tint Ranger Rear Windshield. A roof made of 14-inch thick polycarbonate material is consistent with this ranger. This windshield came with complete guidance and a step-by-step guide on how to put it together.

Best for Polaris Ranger 1000 Windshield: A&S Heavy-duty metal hinges Windshield

Polaris Ranger Windshield

The A & S Audio And Shield Design 2016-2021 is very heavy and strong. It has (6)1 3 / 4 rubber clamps that support its heavyweight and keep it in a fixed position. Sometimes the clamps may be the metal.

For 900 Polaris Rangers, there is no requirement of drilling. It is prepared with Polycarbonate. The stainless steel deceives it 4 inches and makes it heavier.

The A & S audio and shield designs both the manufacture and design. A pre-fit style roll bar of the product is required otherwise it may not fit with your vehicle.

If you remove the films once you can’t refund it. So be careful about your fitness. But it suits for various types of vehicles where a heavy windshield requires.

Key Features 

  • Manufactured by A & S Audio And Shield Design.
  • Manufacturer Part No 001 P900 F/D
  • Dimension is 39.37×39.37×19.69 inches.
  • Weight is 200 pounds.
  • Made up with Polycarbonate.


  • No need to drilling
  • Very strong
  • Suitable for various types of vehicles
  • Easy to install


  • Can not refund 
  • Not fit to all car

Why Choose it? 

If you want to buy the best strong and windshield then it is the best solution for you. It is applicable for a wide range of vehicles. If you can select the pre-fit one it will be easy to install. So you can easily choose it for your vehicle.

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Best for Stronger Than Glass: SuperATV Rear Windshield

Rear Windshield for 2017+ Polaris Ranger XP 1000 XP 1000 Crew

A SupraATV windshield is just as great as the parts it is made from And uses heavy-duty gaskets and bulb seals to keep out moisture and air and keep beefy clamps for an utterly secure installation. Overall you get a snug, a rattle-free fit made for off-road.

It makes use of polycarbonate for our windshields because it is the perfect side-by-side material. It is 250 times stronger than glass, so no matter how big the shock of dirt you remove the rear tires, this windshield will not break.

Key Features:

  • The product Package Dimensions are 57.99 x 25.28 x 2.68 inches.
  • Windshield Item model numbers-P-RAN900-72-2017RANGERCREW900
  • It has an Item Weight of about 19 pounds.
  • Comfortable Ride year-round.
  • It is 250x stronger than glass and made of ¼” lightly tinted polycarbonate.
  • It will 100% fit the guarantee. 
  • It protects you from various dust and debris. 


  • Super strong and easy to install.
  • Back glassworks on all doors.
  • It has high quality and very quiet kit.
  • It has tight and excellent fitment.
  • Preventing dust.
  • Very easy to install.


  • It may contain chemicals to cause cancer or reproductive harm.

Why choose it?

SuperATV Rear windshield protects you and your passenger from the tail of your rooster.  When you use the front windshield alone, the dust will prevent sucking in your cab. And it keeps you comfortable in any weather anywhere.  Every day is Ride Day, with a clear or colorful rear windshield.

How to Install Polaris Ranger Windshield?

What is the Best Windshield for Polaris Ranger?

It’s very important to know about certain things before buying anything. A source full buying guide can help you with that. Most of the riders recommend purchasing and fixing a windshield with a Polaris Ranger.

It can vary several things, such as the costing, your ranger model, how much beneficial it is? Which one is the best product? etc. lest end all your queries shortly.

Costing is a matter:

Before buying any product we really think about the cost. Here in this article, we have mentioned about 10 windshields with different price ranges. so that you can buy the best one as per your budget. besides in the market, you can purchase the best one as your recommended range.

Choose the best types:

Mostly there you can find two variations in your Polaris Ranger windshields. The first type is the glass one. If you talk about high recommendations then you must choose the glass one. it’s very affordable, in good material and also long-lasting.

Another one is polycarbonate or plastic windshields. That’s also worked well so far but it might not last long. it’s cheaper than the glass one but doesn’t stay longer as you expect.

Find the best one:

It’s very difficult to point out one product to be the best. But you can identify or classify some features. A windshield’s materials, how reasonable it is, what the potential of the windshield, how the fitment is, how easy the installation and also last long is an important fact. you need to check the compatibility also. All these facts will help you find the best one.

Money worthing fact:

All products we have recommended in this article are price-worthy. These products are so affordable and at the same time these are also available as your choice. after buying this you will be sure that it’s definitely a money worthy decision for you. 

Now you can easily have the best Polaris Ranger windshield for you. All the essential facts are completely described to your need.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

What are the differences in Polaris Ranger Windshields?

There are three main types of windshields for a Ranger or any other UTV.  Glass windshields are made using similarly treated glass to your truck which means they are more complex, stiffer, and protected from repression.  These can be placed as wiping kits, but besides, chip your vehicle like a windshield.  These are extra expensive. 

Hard-covered polycarbonate windshields are lighter and more affordable than glass.  They will pull off their prominent appearance by excluding other clear glass choices yet will have time for consistently cloudy investigations due to use and UV damage. 

Straight-up polycarbonate or plastic windshields are the most affordable choice. Although no dealer puts it down, it finishes the option in no time.  They can scratch more effectively and cloud up faster.

Do I need a rear windshield or rear panel?

It is up to you to introduce the back panel to your Polaris Ranger when installing the windshield.  Still, go inside, realizing that you’ll end up eating a ton of dust or snow if you don’t add it.  The front windshield will create a venturi effect that will pull around noticeably, and the air at the back of the machine will pull in as you go.

In the off-chance of your need for our assessment, we will no longer introduce the Polaris Ranger windshield without turning on any rear panel. Eating our dust is not pleasant.

How do you change the time on a Polaris Ranger?

In Polaris Ranger, time changing option is so easy if you need then

  •  Firstly, press the Mode Button to enter a setting
  • Secondly, go “CLOCK” option
  • Thirdly, press either toggle Button to go  cycle for desire setting(12 or 24 hours)
  • Fourthly, change each option of the clock

What can I use for the UTV windshield?

The acrylic windshield gives utmost clarity with a strength landing Between glass polycarbonate features. When comes hardness scratch-resistant than uncoated poly and less resistant than glass.

How do I keep my UTV windshield clear?

  • Thoroughly wash the windshield to keep it wet and remove dirt and mud.
  • Use gentle soap or detergent, damp soft or microfiber cloth, side 2 sides warm water to keep the windshield clean.
  • It is recommended to give baby shampoo, liquid dish soap, or handwashing soap
  • Rinse well with clean water.
  • Use a chamois or damp cellulose sponge and blotted windshield dry to prevent water stains.


Most of the Polaris Rangers in the market don’t have any protected shield with it. Many of us like to use them without any shields or wind protectors. But this might be very unsafe or can be dangerous. we all should use matching best Polaris Ranger windshields for our comfort and safety.

Sometimes we find it very classy to drive a ranger without any wind protector shields. But it can cause many problems for our driving. Also we have to suffer a lot of dust or snow problems for airflow. 

There we have discussed the 10 best varieties of Polaris ranger windshield. you can choose the best one for your ranger as per its model. That will really help to protect yourself no matter which street you wanna play with it.

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