Superwinch Tiger Shark 9500 Review – In Details Review

Are you an all-time off-roader who explores far-off places or frequently gets trapped with the cargo? Yeah, we got you; who really needs to find a piece of rescue equipment. We recommend going for full-packed protection and guarantee in that case. A winch with superior functionality, durability, and quality parts from a reliable manufacturer is undoubtedly your necessity. So, here we are with the Superwinch Tiger Shark 9500 Review.

Superwinch is one of the leading winch manufacturing companies. They possess potential designers, marketers, and producers to create world-class winch equipment. And, among all their excellent products, Superwinch Tiger Shark encompasses the latest route of vehicle revitalization. Let us now dip into the features and performance details. 

Superwinch Tiger Shark 9500 Review Premium Quality Winch

Superwinch Tiger Shark 9500

Superwinch Tiger Shark 9500 is the addition of a revolutionary ride with seamless performance and outstanding features. Therefore, without any further delay, check out the upcoming Superwinch Tiger Shark 9500 Review.


For beginner-level users, TS 9500 model renders a lot of top-notch Superwinch characteristics with a budget-friendly vibe. Here are the specification facts-

  • Superwinch Tiger Shark 9500 holds a totally weather-friendly motor. It is packed with 5.2 HP of energy to diminish the vehicle damage from dusty, snowy, or rainy surroundings. 
  • The long-lasting roller fairlead is made from premium stainless steel. Also, the outside coating enables extreme weather endurance and generates friction resistance. 
  • This model comes with user-friendly and ergonomically optimized free-spool control. 
  • Also, the rubber-made handy remote has a field-tested layout of 12-feet for comfortable swapping.
  • Tiger Shark 9500 contains a submersible-featured contactor solenoid that completely shrouds the weather-sealed property. 

Planetary Gearbox

Obviously, here’s another feature left. Tiger Shark 9500 model covers a highly efficient 3-stage gearbox. Its supreme forcefulness qualifies the winch to handle pressure and torque whenever required. Moreover, the compact steel build-up and precise placement of the free -spool make the rotation unproblematic. 


  • Rated Line Pull: 9,500 lbs. (4309 kg)
  • Motor: Weather-Sealed 5.2 HP Series Wound 
  • Gear Ratio: 218:1
  • Brake:   Machine-driven, Automatic Weight Holding
  • Rope: Steel 21/64″ x 95′ (8.3mm x 29m) 
  • Hook: Heavyweight Clevis Pinned Latched
  • Fairlead: 4-Way Roller, made from Stainless Steel
  • Drum Diameter: 2.5″ (63.5mm)
  • Drum Length: 9″ (228.6mm)
  • Hardware: Stainless Steel 
  • Dimensions: 20.8’’ L X 6.3’’ W X 9.2’’ H (529 mm Length X 160mm Width X 234.5mm Height)
  • Installed Weight: 90 lbs. (41kg)


  • Material and Production Faults -2-Year
  • Electrical Tools Warranty- 1 year


Maximum Pulling Capacity:9500 lbs. (4309 kg)

Load Capacity:

  1. Speed :19 ft/min @ 0 lbs., (5.7m/min @ 0 kg), Motor current – 80 Amps
  2. Speed: 4 ft/min @ 9500 lbs., (1.2 m/min @ 4309 kg), Motor current – 340 Amps

Installation Procedure

As for the installation procedure, it typically requires two people to get the job done effortlessly. This is because, the bumper insertion is a bit of a hassle. However, if you do not find any assistance, a floor jack and jack stands can make it easier. Now, take a glance at the following steps.

Initial Set-ups

1. Firstly, you need to find a firm underlying base to initiate the installation. Usually, the foundation of the winch is fixed to the bumper sheet. Besides, manufacturers use at least 4-graded eight bolts in here. 

2. Next up, at the front, the fairlead set up should be done. If needed, you can remove the bumper before this roller installation.

3. Sometimes, you may need to relocate the solenoid box of your winch parts. However, if not upturned, you can safely fit the TS 9500 solenoid case in a remote site. Accordingly, pay specific attention to this step and handle the box carefully.

4. After the cables and solenoid box placement, enclose the long-winded red and black colored wires with the winch battery. Then, direct the cables from the solenoid case to the battery. Make sure to disconnect the battery beforehand. Also, use the grill opening for this task. The manufacturers recommend wrapping the wiring parts with some electrical tape sheets. Otherwise, the cables may get damaged by the spikey vehicle gears.

Battery and Circuit Breaker Installation

For the battery set up, remember that the red-colored cables are meant to be on the positive-sided terminal. Alternatively, the black one drives straight to the negative terminal of the battery.

You should also connect the company-provided circuit -breaker. It will support your machine from short circuit or power overloading issues. Moreover, if you have sideways pole terminals in the vehicle, you may require the secondary side terminal screws to connect these equipment types properly. 

Machine Testing

Now, here comes the crucial part. It is the testing time. 

After turning on the power, drag and roll the free-spool clutch handle. Take it to the disengaged spot. Then, pull quite a few feet of wireline from the winch drum. After that, restore the clutch handle on the engaged location. Plug up the outside pendant control and temporarily press the switch to verify the rope drum’s spinning direction. If you see an unusual twirling movement, it may happen due to the wiring’s incorrect position. 

Tips from the Manufacturers

Superwinch suggests the users to re-twist the wire rope with loads. This is because the factory rope is softly wound. So, to prepare for the high-loading task and prevent potential rope damage, this step is necessary.

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Frequent Ask Questions

How powerful of a winch do I need?

The optimum winch power should be 1.5 times higher than the GVW(gross vehicle weight ) of your vehicle. So, you need to measure automobile weight. Later, multiply it by 1.50 to obtain the minimum power capacity of the winch. 

Is Superwinch going out of business?

In February 2019, the Portland, OR Superwinch Group, Inc. terminated the official actions. However, we cannot say this is the end. Their production line is still ongoing in the marketplace successfully under different authority management.

Is Superwinch Made in the USA?

Yes, according to a recent closing letter of Superwinch company, the Superwinch products have been manufactured in the USA. Its headquarter is located in San Dimas, California.

Who bought Superwinch?

Superwinch brand is currently running under the supervision of Westin Automotive Products, Inc., in the San Dimas, CA headquarter. They have acquired the IP address rights, some particular assets, and the name-brand of Superwinch. 

Is Superwinch a good winch?

Yes, as per quality and efficiency, most of the winch models from Superwinch serve the consumers with ultimate trouble-free and unified performance. Moreover, they are incredibly durable to use under harsh conditions, making it easy for all sorts of lifting purposes. 

Do I really need a winch?

The answer is yes if your daily road track is going to be weather-stuck or somewhat bumpy. Well, sometimes you can be a bit uncomfortable with the presence of a winch. However, it is advisable to have your motor parts undamaged instead.

Wrap up

Among the vehicle winch industry’s crowded marketplace, the Tiger Shark model from the Superwinch team has vigorously elevated the standard array. With their sincere efforts and knowledge of over forty years, the company has got its ultimate landmarked product, the TS series. 

 As you can see, in this Superwinch Tiger Shark 9500 Review, we have highlighted the overall specs, installations as well as other nuts and bolts. To add, the fundamental purpose of this article is to make the complicated task of introducing a winch into something viable. We hope you can uncover every single fine point here, in one place, altogether.

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