Top 5 Best Exhaust for YFZ450R Reviews in 2022

Are you searching for the best exhaust for yfz450r? But can’t find any suitable one in your budget? Well, no worry anymore because we have brought the best exhaust review for you. Here we will get to know about some great exhaust with different features and valuable price ranges.

Well, we all know it is difficult to find a perfect exhaust with great features. However, an exhaust for Yfz450r can change the whole experience and look of your vehicle. Besides, an exhaust also does a fantastic job of controlling the noise, improving fuel consumption, and making the engine perform better. Also, an exhaust helps increase the performance of yfz450r.

Not only does an exhaust make better performance, but it will also make your Yamaha yfz450r faster. So what are you waiting for now? Just rush and have these great exhausts as soon as possible. Don’t forget to check the review below.

What is The Best Exhaust for YFZ450R?

We all know how an exhaust can make changes in the activity of our vehicles. It can provide better performance, sound control, give engine support, and produce more power support. But sometimes, it’s difficult to find all these features in one type of exhaust. So, here I am showing a list of some of the best exhausts for YFZ450R.

Best exhaust for all applications: Sparks-Racing-Stainless pipes-Exhaust-Yfz450r

“Perfect for all applications, easy to install, overall performance is effective”

Best for off-road vehicles: RP Race Performance Complete Exhaust SystemSports YFZ450R

“Durable, muffler material, and safe to use”

Best for the entire power curve: Sparks Racing Race Core Full Exhaust Yamaha Yfz450r

“Produces the power gain, reasonable price range, durable”

Best for Yamaha YFZ450R-X: HMF Competition Exhaust: Yamaha YFZ 450R-X

“Gives an impressive look to any vehicle, made with aluminum, lightweight”

Overall Best: YFZ 450 R (ATV) Dasa Exhaust Classic 

“Gives better performance, provides all the best features, low price”

exhaust for yfz450r

Yamaha YFZ 450R Exhaust Reviews

Sparks-Racing-Stainless pipes-Exhaust-Yfz450r

Sparks Racing X-6 Stainless Steel Race Core Full Exhaust for Yamaha Yfz450r

The Sparks Racing Stainless Exhaust Yfz450r is perfect for all applications because of its power level, which the power curve produces. As a result, the performance of complete systems is more effective than the work of stock head pipe’s limitation, and it is not a complete slip-on system. The exhaust is tested many times via drag races and pro-level riders on the track and dyno to ensure better performance.

The exhaust system offers both the X6 Big Core as well as the X6 Race Core System. For the X6 Race Core system, the outlet diameter is 2″ that has SAE testing guidelines using 102db. The outlet offers all-around performance, and it is designing with quiet inserts and a spark arrestor.

On the other hand, the X6 Big Core system’s outlet diameter is 2.25″ with SAE testing guidelines with 110db. Here the outlet is not designed with a quiet insert and has not planned a spark arrestor. If you want to install a spark arrestor, it is possible. But it will destroy the lifespan of an arrestor.

The 6061-T6 muffler components keep the weight lower than the stock system during the retention of durability.


  • It is made with premium stainless steel.
  • The outlet of X6 Race Core is 2, where it is 2.25 in X6 Big Core systems.
  • The outlet of the X6 Race Core is designed with a quiet insert and spark arrestor.
  • The outlet of X6 Big Core systems has no quiet insert and has not been designed to use a spark arrestor.
  • The item weight is 15 pounds.


  • It is 100% made in the USA
  • Ensures better performance.
  • Perfect for all applications.
  • The overall guidance of installation, tuning, and exhaust care is providing.
  • It is constructing with high-grade 304 stainless steel.
  • It is one type of unique exhaust system.
  • The installation process is straightforward and straightforward.


  • Has limitation in working of the stock head pipe.

Why choose it:

If you are looking for an exhaust perfect for all applications, then the Sparks Racing Exhaust YFZ450R is the perfect choice for you. It has been tested several times to ensure better performance. In addition, the guidelines of the overall installation process, tuning, maintenance, etc., are provided with the exhaust. That’s why the users prefer it a lot.

RP Race Performance Complete Exhaust SystemSports

Exhaust System for Yamaha YFZ450R All Years

Premium Stainless steel is used to make the RP Race Performance Complete Exhaust System. TIG-welded it and designed an engine that was modified. The manufacturer recommends air-fuel tuning. To get maximum power, the size and tubing step is designed carefully.

The Vortex ECU of the Exhaust is similar to the EFI and CDI interceptor. The ECU controls the voltage output, spark timing, fuel metering, andpreprogramming10 performance fuels. Additionally, it has three switches for fuel adjustment in high, medium, and low throttle opening. The ECU directly plugs into the standard wiring harness of the bike. Therefore, all the standard engine sensors are interfacing with it.


  • The exhaust is made of premium stainless steel.
  • The outlet Big 2.25” core.
  • Version 12″, 98db range for its regular length.
  • Its tubing step and size are careful designing for the same maximum power.
  • The regular length range of the exhaust is 98 dB.
  • It includes the compatible Yamaha YFZ450R.
  • Exhaust Manufacturer is a ‎Racing Sports.
  • The item weighs 10 pounds.


  • The products are made 100% in the USA.
  • It is a Lightweight product, durable muffler material, and safe to use.
  • Easy to install, hassle-free, and exceptional fitness.
  • The exhaust comes with the hardware needed to take care of a very efficient system.
  • The Exhaust system Silencer is made of high-quality material and has a high temp core.


  • It has limitations in working the stock head pipe.

Why choose it:

If you want to buy a complete exhaust system for your road vehicle, you should try Rp race performance exhaust. It is suitable for all applications; you can use it to create a complete Exhaust because it builds by interfacing with standard engine sensors. This series has three types of switches: high, middle, and low that can easily plug in your UCEU bike. The  Exhaust system is designed to power the pipe step and size. That’s why users like it.

Sparks Racing Race Core Full Exhaust Yamaha Yfz450r

yamaha yfz450r exhaust

It is the ideal exhaust system for applications. It gains power generated by the entire power curve. Therefore, our fatigue is not a complete system slip-on.

Because instead of working on the limitations of stock head pipes, we have a lot more performance designing a complete system. Some later market exhaust systems can be used as slip-on or complete systems.

However, the problem is still limited to the stock diameter. The head pipe and the rear part come together. Countless hours are spent ensuring the most performance from the exhaust system in track dinosaurs and test races with pro-level riders.

This exhaust system is offered in both Exhaust Race Core and X6 Big Core systems. The X6 race core has a feature—outlet diameter, which provides optimal ambient performance.

In addition, it three can configure a spark arrestor and quiet insertion. The race core system uses SAE test guidelines at approximately 102db.

The Big Core exhaust system has a 2.25. Outlet diameter provides more top-end performance inbuilt engines—about 110 dB using the Big Core SAE test guide.

Big Core cannot be configured with no silent insertion. It can install a spark arrestor on the Big Core system. However, the Big Core never intended to use a spark arrester.

Running a spark arrestor in the Big Core will shorten the lifespan of the arrested arrest. Compatible with the X-6 Stainless Steel Exhaust System Yamaha 2009 YFZ 450R.


  • Its muffler components keep the weight low while maintaining durability.
  • Includes spark arrest and adopts silent inserts.
  • It brings the necessary hardware for installation and detailed installation tuning and drainage system care instructions.
  • Its manufacturer is Sparks racing.
  • Its brand is Sparks racing.
  • Its item weight is 20 pounds.


  • The Inland Drainage Production Facility is 100% manufactured in the USA.
  • It is the ideal exhaust system for any application.
  • It produces the power gain.
  • Its designing performance is a complete system rather than working with the limitations of the stock head pipe.
  • It can be configured with a spark arrestor and quiet inserts.


  • It is still limited to the stock diameter.

Why choose it:

Since this is the ideal drainage system for system applications, you can purchase it generated by the sweeping power curve. Gain strength from it. It has a lot more performance with designing the whole system. It also offers on both Exhaust Race Core and X6 Big Core systems.

HMF Competition Exhaust: Yamaha YFZ 450R-X

HMF Competition Exhaust for Yamaha YFZ450R

Here is some good news that H.M.F. Competition exhaust suites are best for YFZ450R-x. So that all the Yamaha users can generally pick that series for their bikes, it’s full of features and versatile qualities.

Besides sound adjustment, this exhaust can give deep and loud sounds. Its competition series can distribute power throughout the whole R.P.M. range. Its triangular core is the highest performing exhaust in the market. The exhaust is made with aluminum which makes it relatively lightweight and sustainability less than its stock.

It also gives an impressive look to any vehicle. The price range is reasonable; here is the fact that the manufacturer company has not released this version in the market yet. So you have to wait for a little while to get these fantastic exhausts to adjust.


  • The highest performing exhaust on the market.
  • Can quickly change the power and sound.
  • It is quality full and quite versatile.
  • It can use in race vehicles in California.
  • Give loud and deep sound.
  • Hase mechanical core.


  • Provide mechanical core to adjust pulse
  • It’s able to give a loud and deep sound once you adjust it.
  • These are lightweight exhausts.
  • It provides the variable sound as per user need.
  • It is excellent Has mechanical core support.


  • The product is not available yet in the market.

Why choose it:

Those who are looking for weightless and reasonable range exhaust can reasonably purchase this exhaust. Besides sound adjustment, this exhaust can give deep and loud sounds. Its competition series can distribute power throughout the whole R.P.M. range. Its triangular core is the highest performing exhaust in the market. So it can be easily in your choice of exhaust list. You can also check the consumer review for further experience.

YFZ 450 R (ATV) Dasa Exhaust Classic

dasa racing exhaust for yamaha yfz450r

An exhaust that can give better performance on any vehicle you want. Also, an exhaust can make your engine faster than before. Then let me tell you that the Dasa exhaust classic ATV can provide all the best features. It has a multi-step and stainless steel exhaust system. In addition, its Candy Red Black End Cap Shorty model gives an attractive look to any vehicle you put.

A U.S.A. group made these exhausts totally by hand. It has tig welds, trick billet end caps and also provides a thick head pipe flange. The whole packaging includes a head pipe, mid pipe, and an exhaust canister.

At the end of this review, we can say it’s an overall good product at such a reasonable price range. However, if you have a short budget list, then you must go for these exhausts.


  • Its Candy Red Black End Cap Shorty model gives an attractive look to bikes.
  • Best suited for ATV vehicle types.
  • It has tig welds, trick billet end caps.
  • Provide thick head pipe flange.
  • It has a big H.P. throughout.
  • Include exhaust canister.


  • The exhaust is entirely handmade in the U.S.A.
  • It provides perfect tig welds, trick billet end caps, a billet canister mount.
  • It also has a thick head pipe flange.
  • In dyno, it can make big H.P. throughout the entire power curve.
  • Its stainless steel exhaust system includes head pipe and mid-pipe.
  • The manufacturer provides a painted exterior.


  • It seems pretty heavy after adjusting it in vehicles.

Why choose it:

If you want to buy fancy exhaust for your vehicle, you should go for these Dasa exhaust classics. Its Candy Red Black End Cap Shorty model gives an attractive look to bikes. You will also get a thick head pipe flange included in the packaging. Its stainless steel body will provide more extended damage-free usage. At a minimal budget, these exhausts will be perfect for any user.

Frequently Asked Question(FAQ):

Which is faster, Banshee or Yfz450?

Stock for the stock- Yfz450 is a flute. It is the 10th of 3-4 seconds. The piped-yfz450 still beats the flute in the same way. However, many mode flutes can be made faster than the YFz at a more reasonable price.

How fast is the 2009 YFZ 450r?

The Yamaha YFZ 450 R runs up to 75 mph on a straight line without speed limitation. Tires, suspension shocks, and gas use. Some reasons will affect the top speed.

How much HP does a 2020 yfz450r have?

The power, liquid-cooled, DOHC, four-valve, 449 ccs four-stroke engine of this Japanese motorcycle. The Yamaha flagship motocross determines the peak output from the bike. For this, the YFZ450 can run on rear-wheel dinosaurs. It records 48.9 hp at 9,700 rpm and 29.3 lb-ft of torque at 7,100 pm.

What does yfz450 cam mode do?

This mode gives an entry in the range of medium to high rpm. It’s not in the lower RPM range. Notice that the motor does not drive as hot. It is because the fan does not come after completing its cam mode. But my fans would come.

Which is faster, yfz450 or Raptor 700?

Yamaha is even faster. In the all-out drag race, the Baraboo Raptor 700 is fast. Quickly revived YFZ. And will come out of the hole quickly. However, the massive torque of 700 and the long gearing will gradually move away from the Race Ready 450.

A faster Raptor 660 or yfz450?

You can run enough if both stocks don’t crash. They all usually call Raptor 80K faster. And then 450 usually says so fast. They usually say it’s fast. And then 450 people will generally say it’s fast.

What is the difference between yfz450 and raptor 700?

Both machines use the same size of tires. However, Dunlops chose the 450 rolls and the 700 Maxxis products. The 700 has a roomy cockpit. However, for the handlebar mounts, the 450 is compatible with four positions. The 450 is light and quick feeling.

Buyer’s Guide for YFZ450R Exhaust

There are many, many exhausts to pick out from Harleys and all styles of road motorcycles. However, here are a few factors you might need to think about before buying an exhaust for yfz450r.


Often, a manufacturing facility has four-into-exhaust. Four headers for a four-cylinder engine splitting to two mufflers will be made aftermarket as a four-into-one device because it can move the exhaust nearly as quickly via the less restrictive gadget and the extra weight of the second muffler is removing.

Some engine types are painted higher with one configuration over some other. V-twins, as an instance, usually give fantastic torque gains while two-into-one exhausts are used. Some research or a call to our Gear Geeks advocates helping you get exhaustion, an excellent way to meet your desires.


Chromed metallic is a regular prize for its beauty and longevity. How rigorously you hold your bike’s appearance and how you want it to appear are going to play into your choice of fabric, as well.

Outlet type

Maybe an extensive carbon fiber can is your look. Maybe you want vintage-time cocktail shakers or cigar mufflers for your Brit motorbike. Maybe goose-cut turn-outs or fishtails are your styles. In particular, cruisers can fit some aftermarket exhausts fitting with the diffusion of swappable suggestions to present an exclusive look. It’s all approximately what you suspect seems proper.

Bottom line

If you buy a YF50R, you’ll need to put in quality aftermarket elements on your ATV motorbike to keep it in pinnacle condition. And one of the essential replacements you’ll opt for earlier than later is the YFZ450R’s stock exhaust for maintaining the ATV bike’s power.

When it comes to improving your motorbike, it’s probably the motorbike’s exhaust that could improve performance most successfully. At the same time, going for an exhaust improvement may additionally assist in accentuating the motorbike’s looks and lessen noise degrees. Due to this review, I will introduce you to some of the best exhaust for yfz450r. I hope you can choose the right one for you now easily.

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