Best Turn Signal Kit for Polaris Ranger Review 2022

Do you want to upgrade your Polaris ranger into a legal street vehicle? Or, are you getting tired of finding out the best turn signal kit for Polaris ranger? As there are multiple options in front of you. Searching for the best product is very time-consuming.

Do not waste time on searching, as we have collected all the information according to UTV turn signal kit reviews and brand statements. We make a list of the trending Polaris UTV turn signal kit to make your buying process easy. So you can buy your preferable one from this list.

All the kits that we have mentioned in this post are super easy to install, and you will not require any help from the expertise. Besides, all of them are durable and help to improvise your vehicle’s outlook and make it legal.

What Is Turn Signal Kit?

The turn signal is an effective medium to communicate with other drivers. Allow them to know where you want to go, so they can take a suitable position correspondingly. Using turn signals can reduce the chance of any potential accident. This turn signal kit for Polaris ranger helps to convert it into a legal vehicle. Remember, you will be penalized if you drive without a UTV turn signal kit on the town’s roads or streets.

Best Turn Signal Kit for Polaris Ranger

Reforming your Polaris ranger for off or on the ride, turn signal plays a vital role. This section will provide you a comprehensive list of some best turn signal kits for Polaris ranger. So let’s not waste your time and jump into the details.

SuperATV Turn Signal Kit for Polaris 2014+ Polaris RZR XP 1000 XP 4 1000

SuperATV UTV Turn Signal Kit for Polaris 2014+ Polaris RZR XP 1000 XP 4 1000

This SuperATV turn signal kit has been recognized as one of the best UTV turn signal kits that comes with all the essentials to work correctly for Polaris ranger. SuperATV has designed signal kits for specific UTV-models.

This kit includes 105 decibels horn, LED indicator, steering column, horn, and all the necessary wires and connectors.  Therefore, no need for extra expertise to install it, isn’t it incredible?

Not only that, but this color-coded kit has also specially designed to suitably fit the polar ranger. This kit also enhances the exterior look of your vehicle. This kit has all the requirements to make your vehicle legal and ready for your road ride. The LED light indicator gives bright and highly visible signals from all positions and angles.

For the road enthusiast who has Polaris 2015+ RZR, wants to drive on the road, this kit will take them one step closer to fulfill their desire and give high performance to make your journey enjoyable.


  • Good quality kit
  • Signals are super bright and highly visible
  • All the connectors are pre-assembled
  • Flexible to install

SuperATV Universal UTV Turn Signal Kit for Honda, Polaris, Can-Am, Kawasaki, John Deere, Arctic Cat

ATV UTV Turn Signal Kit for Honda, Polaris, Can-Am, Kawasaki, John Deere, Arctic Cat with Toggle Turn Switch and Dash Mount Horn

This universal signal kit is an excellent addition for your Polaris ranger and makes your vehicle ready for on-road driving. It includes a 105-decibel horn, LED indicator, toggle turn switch, wire ties, and all the necessary directions. The toggle turn switch makes it easy to control the signals and brake.

Its compact horn works well to ensure your safety. The kit gives LED signal lights for front and rear. It will save you extra money as it does not require labor costs to set it up. Though the installation process is relatively easy but may take some time, in the end, after installing you, the product’s quality and performance will not disappoint you. 

As it is a universal signal kit, not only Polaris ranger, this street-legal signal kit is perfectly compatible with honda, can-am, arctic cat, and many more to count. And compared to competitor brands, it comes at a reasonable price. 


  • Universal signal kit
  • Compact horn
  • Entirely assembled wires
  • Simple set up

SuperATV Signal Kits for Polaris Ranger XP 900

Turn Signal Kit for Polaris Ranger XP 900 2013+ With Steering Column Switch and Attached Horn

This signal kit from SuperATV has been designed to meet up all the requirements of Polaris ranger users. It provides all the color-coded and completely assembled wires and harness. Not only that, but you also need less cutting to fit it, and it is simple to plug and play.

The signal kit works for your protection and ensures your safety. This useful kit comes with a compact horn, super-bright LED lights, dash indicator, wire ties, dash-mounted toggle switch, and connectors.

The package also includes instruction and direction, so no need for a mechanic to set up. All these features come together to deliver better performance and functionality.

If you are being a proud owner of a Polaris ranger XP 900 and want to customize your vehicle for the city streets and hunt for a budget-friendly signal kit. Then this signal kit from SuperATV is compatible with your vehicle to make your journey enjoyable and safe.


  • Works great
  • Easy to install
  • Cost-effective
  • Responsive, supportive stuff

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Maverick Advantage Universal Turn Signal Kit

Maverick Advantage has manufactured variant signal kits for ATV or UTV, and their signal kit has compatibility with Polaris ranger, john deere gator, Yamaha rhino, etc. This well-built universal signal kit has tailored to minimize drilling and quick installation.

So, except for one hole drilling, you do not need additional ones. It provides signal lights, a commercial-grade signal switch, a 100-decibel horn, horn button, levers, wiring kit, and connectors. 

All the turn signal lights are LED to ensure high visibility, two signal lights are in red, and the other two are in amber color. The whole wiring kit gives you enough wires, and you do not get lost while wiring up as each wire permits you versatile route to fix your problem. It has all the step-wise directions to make your task easy. 

The functional signal kit is a little bit costly compared to other branded kits available in the aftermarket. If you spend an extra amount for this high-quality signal kit, it does not let you down.


  • Well-built product
  • Has a loud horn
  • Highly visible lights
  • Quick installation

Advance MCS Electronics Turn Signal Kits Fit Most ATV & UTV Side by Side

Turn signal kit will fit most ATV and UTV side by side including Can Am, Pioneer, Polaris Sportsman, Polaris RZR, General and Polaris Ranger such as 800 and xp 900 1000 and turbo

The Advanced MCS signal kit is an excellent choice for the UTVs, because of its high-end quality construct made, enriched with features, better performance, and durability. This kit package provides you toggle switch, adjustable flasher, wires, horns, and super visible four LED lights. 

For every corner of you UTV, it has two amber-colored, two red-colored lights, and two clear, highly visible LED lights for a signal indicating. You can use these clear LED lights as a dash indicator.

However, these lights are visible and add elegancy to your vehicle. If you need more visibility, you can add additional LED lights. The install process is a little bit complex if you do not know the necessary electrical system. So, you may require mechanical help. 

This universal signal kit not only compatibles with the Polaris ranger or rzr, but it also fits arctic cat wildcat, can am maverick, honda, and it does not cost you more. It also gives you high performance and ensures your safety while driving on the road.


  • Universal signal kit
  • Classy appearance
  • Works great
  • Affordable

SuperATV Turn Signal Kit for Polaris Ranger XP 1000

Turn Signal Kit for Polaris Ranger XP 1000 Crew

This deluxe signal kit has been designed for Polaris ranger XP 1000 and 1000 Crew models as it gives you all the features and facilities to make your ranger ready for street driving. This standard kit package provides you loud 105-decibel horn, dash indicator, toggle switch, LED lights, connectors, completely assembled wires, and wire ties.

The dash-mounted switches are used for signals and horns. It uses an OEM pattern to connect the wire harness to increase durability and reliability. For maximum visibility, it uses amber-colored lights. As the mounting bracket has water resistance, that’s why it can work in around two-three feet of water for 30 minutes.  

The mentioned instructions are pretty clear to understand and also have images to identify the parts. Overall, it is simple enough to install by yourself if you have little mechanical skills. 


  • Functions well
  • Lights can perform in the water
  • Durable and reliable
  • Pre-assembled wirings

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VLK Polaris Ranger Turn Signal Kit

This high-quality kit from VLK has produced a signal kit for Polaris ranger 500, 570, 800 XP, 700 XP, and many more Polaris ranger models. The kit package comes together with an LED flasher, LED light kits, split loom, horn, and fuse holder zip ties. 

It has four amber color LED lights for the front side and four red color LED lights for the rear position. Amber color LED lights to ensure maximum visibility, so it can be seen from any angle or side. There is a split loom to keep all the essential wires. The signal kit is long-lasting and performs better to make your driving enjoyable and secure.

If you look for an easy-going and quiet reasonable turn signal kit for your Polaris ranger with high functionality and better stability, you can select it. Apart from, it is super flexible to install, and you also do not need any expert mechanic for doing this job. All you just require a hole drilling first and install it then wire up. 


  • Performs better
  • It is reliable and durable
  • High functionality
  • Super visibility

VLK Turn Signal Light Kit

The VLK signal kit is one of the top-rated aftermarket turn signal kits. This kit comes together with LED light kits, horns, split loom, license plate kit, fuse holder zip ties, and directions. 

This kit provides an LED flasher in the front and rear positions. All the lights are visible from any side or angle and brighter compared to your brake lights. It includes all the wirings that you want. The fuse and fuse link has provided for the battery gives protection from over current. And the split looms are there to hold all the wires.

If you want a feature-rich turn signal kit for your Polaris ranger with an affordable rate, you can choose this kit. It is super easy to install this light kit, and you also do not need any expert assistance for this. You just need to drill a hole, then put the rubber housing, install it, then wire up. Bravo! You did it perfectly.


  • Legal street kit
  • Super bright LED lights
  • All the required wires and hardware
  • Easy to set up

Polaris Turn Signal Kit Buyer’s Guide

Off-road riding is fun and exciting, as maximum UTVs are for off-road riding, but you need to pass the town street or have to go for on-road driving in some cases. If you do not make your street vehicle legal, you will have to pay fines. As we mentioned before, the signal kit helps to make your vehicle legal on the paved road. Suppose you make your mind to customize a signal kit for your Polaris ranger. There are many essential factors that you should bear in mind before buying the kits.

Know the Street Laws of Your Area

Most of the UTVs have crafted to enjoy the off-road journey. And day by day, this UTV market has designed many new vehicles. So, many states and cities are making and passing new laws to allow more UTVs to legally run on the paved road. But there is a fact, all the towns and states do not follow the same street rules. So, you need to gather all the detailed information about the local street laws and regulations before you drive on the cities street.

Check Out the Model of Your UTV

Before you are going to buy the signal kit, check out your UTV’s model. Because all the kit is not entirely fit for all vehicles. To satisfy all the user’s needs and requirements, manufacturing companies have designed a specific model kit and a universal kit. So, know your UTV’s model number then buy the suitable one for you.

Attached Accessories

You should buy with a kit which includes all the essential accessories, wires, and directions. Otherwise, it will cost you more to buy the critical parts and accessories.

Flexible to Set Up

The easy installation system should always be at the top of your priority list. It will also save your time and money, as you can easily install it by going through the kit package’s directions. And you do not need any extra expert assistance. Though all the kit packages include required instructions but to do the work effortlessly, it will be beneficial if you have a basic knowledge of electrical systems.


Fixing the budget is an essential and important considering factor. But not always high-priced product gives you the utmost profit. Suppose you are in a tight budget, no worries! There is many branded Polaris ranger signal kit under $100 available in the market. So, fix your budget, make an ideal selection, and invest your money for worth buying.


Try to buy a signal kit that has more features, benefits, and advantage. A feature-rich signal kit gives high performance, better durability, stability, maximum visibility, and ensures your safety to make your off or on-road riding adventurous. Many signal kit has a water-resistance feature, and it will provide you secured ride while driving in the rainy season or wet road. 

Observe the Users Review 

Market research is vital for any kind of buying process. Do not go to the shop and randomly pick one. Remember, a low-quality signal kit can bring danger to your life. So, do not rush, before going to buy, check out the users’ reviews, and do some market analysis to choose the best signal kit for your UTV.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

How do I wire the Polaris ranger to turn signal kit?

It is not very difficult to wire the turn signal kit. At first, you need to connect the lights and horns with a harness. Drill a hole to hold the LED indicator, and now your work is to install the lights before attaching them to the harness. Then connect the power to check whether it is working or not.

What is the symptom of a bad turn signal?

One of the significant symptoms of a bad turn signal is, the turn signal lights do not work correctly. And it happens when the LED flasher has broken. Another reason for not responding or malfunction these lights is internal problems. Also, the additional lights do not function accordingly. So, whenever you face these kinds of problems, you should take immediate action.

How do I select the best turn signal kit for my Polaris ranger?

To select the best turn signal kit for your Polaris ranger, we recommend looking at the manufacturer’s rules and directions. And while buying, you should check its quality, features, performance, specific model, installation method, and durability to select the best one.

When will I replace the turn signal?

When your turn signal lights do not activate or respond, then it is necessary to replace your turn signal as fast as possible. Otherwise, it can endanger your life.

Do I need personnel to install the turn signal in my Polaris ranger?

No, you do not require any personnel assistance to install this kit. Most of the turn signal kit includes all the essential wires, hardware, instruction, and the setup process is also very simple. So, you can efficiently complete the installation process.

Should I use a turn signal in my UTV for on-road driving?

Yes, you should. For on-road driving, you have to make your vehicle legal. To make your UTV legal on the street, you need to make some modifications that include turn signals, horns, and license plates. Otherwise, you cannot drive on the city street.

Is it safe to drive with a broken turn signal?

No, it is not safe to drive with a broken turn signal. When you are going with a broken turn signal on the road, any street police or cop can pull you over. Besides, it can also cause sudden danger or accidents.

Do all the turn signal kits fit my Polaris ranger?

All the manufacturers have designed specific and also universal model-based signal kits. For instance, all the kits do not perfectly fit to all the Polaris UTV models. So, you should buy only the kit that is suitable for your vehicle.

Final Words:

A turn signal kit is crucial for the road enthusiast who wants to go for an on-road ride as it gets you closer to make your UTV legal for the street. At the same time, it decreases the possible chance of any sudden accidents. In this post, we try to put the names of the best turn signal kit for Polaris ranger based on their quality, functionality, performance, and features. So, it is now your task to make a selection and pick the most suitable kit for your vehicle.

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